• Jaclyn Hogan

Why 'daycations' are the safe way to ease back into travel

It was an invigorating feeling to sail away from the safe harbor, to catch the trade winds in your sails and expand your visions globally. Borders were open, transportation was accessible, travel itineraries were enabled by simple point and click planning as we effortlessly floated wherever our imaginations pulled us. 

When everything was taken away from us - seemingly overnight – it highlighted how fortunate we were with the personal freedoms we had to travel the planet, and how easily all of that can be taken for granted. 

This collective pause will undoubtedly change our travel behaviors

The travel landscape has been disrupted on an unprecedented scale and every facet of it has been forced to regroup. The beginning of 2020 has completely altered the course of travel, along with the relationship between travel brands and customers. Modern customers will interact only with brands with which they share similar values, as the demand for trust, humility and transparency will rise above everything else. These essential values will be a part of the consumer conversation when it comes to defining the next chapter of travel – and amplified even more so during the early wave of travel in the post-COVID world. 

The 'daycation' will help revive travel

As we slowly start to dip our toes back into travel, the safety and security we once felt will take some time to get back to defining our new standard. In the meantime, it’s bringing more awareness to the wonders of our picturesque backyards, and the fact that we don’t have to look far to embrace travel and the wanderlust feelings of disconnecting in a new place. 

Enter the surge of the daycation. 

First of all, what is a daycation? It’s that intriguing buzzword you’ve heard about but you haven’t been able to get a solid description yet. Similar to its famous cousin, the staycation, where you take a mini-vacation close by or just stay at home to completely unwind, the daycation is a day trip localized within your region where you can explore nature, food, markets and other vibrant aspects of its history, without any of the bulky overhead costs that are likened to travel. 

It’s really a safe, healthy and cost-effective platform to help us embrace the local wonders that create our travel community, and encourage the revival of the tourism sector.

5 reasons why the 'daycation' is a brilliant concept for easing back into travel. 

1. Supports the local tourism sector 

Being quarantined has given us a renewed importance of what it means to embrace all things local. Our neighborhoods have come together in numbers to support one another and showcase all the unique touches that make up the fabric of a strong community. Daycations embody this “live like a local” model by interacting and honestly engaging with a region.  

2. Small groups to enable safe, social distancing 

All tours are kept cozy with groups capped at 6-10 people so guests have the ability to hand select everyone they want to go with. Not only will the smaller numbers be a necessary step for food tourism, but it will also provide a unique and intimate feel to the overall experience.

3. Don’t worry about cancellations, airports, or accommodations 

There are a lot of logistics and moving parts when it comes to planning big travel trips, sometimes to the point where it becomes a bit overwhelming. Flights, insurance, accommodations, dinner reservations, daily activity bookings – taking care of travel is almost a full-time job leading up to it. Daycations have safe roundtrip transportation, that takes care of your meals, drinks and activities so guests can fully be present and enjoy the journey without worrying about the details. 

4. All activities are explored in one day

Uniquely guided food + beverage tours go off the beaten path to discover local culinary cultures to showcase their rich history and memorable flavors. Explore all the best fresh, local and organic spots we are obsessed with – and be back home that night in your own bed that night.  

5. There will be a reluctance to book international and high-priced getaways 

As the world opens up from its slumber, it will likely make long-haul travel unaffordable and unattainable for some time. Daycations provide an incredible opportunity and sense of confidence to press pause on real life for a day and dive into new adventures, without having to worry about travel or the stress related with going on long distances.

What is a Wayward Tour?

Wayward Tours is a lively round-trip daycation that gives an insider’s view into the culture, history, landscape and stories that defined and shaped the region. Sustainably sourced with a quintessential Midwestern connection, our partners are socially responsible, balanced and distinctly local with their Third Coast-inspired vibes. 

We are explorers and eternal romantics of the food and beverage sector. With so much energy, enthusiasm and storytelling with every trip, our mission is to promote invigorating and undiscovered culinary experiences.

We have an exciting vision for where food tourism can go — and it takes you to all corners of the Midwestern flavor — right in your backyard.

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